Who Cares for Country

This is a 4-minute sound piece with just a few visuals that flash up at the end. The sound piece was presented in a room with ultra-violet sand on the floor and the text displayed in ultra violet lettering on the wall. The songs in this sound piece are from the CD “Dreaming Songs of the Warumungu Women” and provided with their kind permission and that of Papulu Apparr-kari; and from Gaelic singer Ceitlin Smith.

The exhibition is showing next at An Lanntair Art Gallery in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, from 13 September to 11 October, a partner event at Hebtember Festival.

If you are new to the blog, the Grounded residency diary entries and photographs begin here in Scotland and then in Australia here. An interview about my work with journalist Jim Gilchrist is on the Struileag website which can be linked to here. And a response to the Alice Springs jail post by Professor Smith can be found here. A BBC Radio Scotland interview can be found here. A review by Dr Kate Robinson can be found here. The introductory page for the blog can be found here. Feedback on the Glasgow exhibition can be linked to here. Photos of the Glasgow opening event are here. Glasgow workshops, talks and exhibition details are here. And the Digital Resources pages of the blog for further information are here and here.

6 thoughts on “Who Cares for Country

  1. Thank you. I am sorry you weren’t able to be there. It would be nice to travel the show a bit in the UK. It goes to Stornoway next, and if I could find a way I would travel the show further here. It will be traveling in Australia later on too.


  2. I really loved the clips from the flight decks of a few flights … Not meaning to denigrate at all: I have very strong associations with flight decks, from my first flight after doing a “Fear of Flying” course … Other than which, I liked it all ! šŸ™‚


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