Digital Resources, Scotland

(Link to Digital Resources Page for Australia)

Grounded at Festival 2014, XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow

Am Faclair Beag  An English – Scottish Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly’s great Scots Gaelic – English dictionary

Am Baile Bilingual Highland history and culture site

Anne Campbell Artist mentioned in Day 10 post

Back Free Church (With a section on the history of religion in the About tab)

Barra Some information

Beag air Bheag  The BBC website to teach yourself Scottish Gaelic, for absolute beginners

Callanish Stone Circle

Ceitlin About Ceitlin, the singer from Day 2’s post

Ceolas A music and dance summer school on South Uist

Crofts Sweeny’s blog about his croft

Eriskay Whisky Galore and Bonnie Prince Charlie

Faram A YouTube clip of Faram playing

Fionn The story of this guardian of the Celtic people

Gaelic – the writing system and alphabet

Gaelic alphabet and the lore of the trees that represent the letters of the alphabet on Mandy Haggith’s site

Gaelic lessons from the BBC

Gaelic song

Grimsay traditional wooden boats

iGàidhlig  A collection of existing software tools and technologies relating to the Gaelic language with brief explanations of what they do and where you get them.

Hallan Cemetry South Uist

Harris Tweed Luskentyre and Donald John

Harris Tweed About Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed The process

Isle of Harris The Golden Road

Isle of lewis A short history of the Isle of Lewis

Kallin shellfish factory

Kildonan Museum South Uist

LearnGaelic  Gaelic language learning tools

Lordship of the Isles

Ness Historical Society Resources

North Harris Trust  A link at the bottom of this page on the North Harris Estate website takes you to the pdf document, “Gaelic in the Landscape – Place names in the North West Highlands”

North Harris Some information from the Virtual Hebrides site

North Harris About North Harris Trust

North Harris The Trust Facebook page

Machair About Machair

Machair Wild flowers

Machair Machair facts

Machair A Scottish Natural Heritage publication with lots of information

Moors Some information on safeguarding the moors

Ness Melodeon Band on Facebook

Norse Iron Age Mill some information

Peat Some interesting information on peat traditions

Pentland Road across the moors to Carloway

Pròiseact nan Ealan the Gaelic Arts Agency

Sea Change A Cape Farewell programme of research into social and ecological resilience

Seaweed Enter seaweed as a key search word to find some interesting articles

Seaweed harvesting

South Uist Estate community ownership

2 thoughts on “Digital Resources, Scotland

  1. Tapadh leat, Judy for these resources. Agus ciamar a tha thu an-diugh? Looking forward to seeing the exhibition, and yourself of course (!) in the summer. Mar sin leat, an-drasta agus slainte mhath. Ann H, Rothesay.

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